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Celebrity Med Spa is an all black all female operated Medical Spa located in sunny Miami Florida with over 38+ years of experience. We specialize in non invasive and outpatient procedures and aesthetic treatments.

"Look and Feel Like A Star!" -Celebrity MedSpa

Ms. Manassa Petithomme

Manassa has always had a strong passion for skincare and the beauty industry. She is a detail oriented and focused Esthetician who is confident in her ability to maintain and improve the appearance and health of human skin. She is passionate about educating her clients on a treatment plan that would be best for them as well as a proper home care routine, which in her experience is the most important part of taking care of your skin, and body in order to see results.

She wants to make people feel good about themselves with proper treatments. Manassa believes when you look good you feel good. Her career as an Esthetician allows her to truly impact someone’s life just by spending the time with them and allowing them to unwind, decompress and feel good about doing something for themselves.


Body Contouring | Eye Lash Extensions | Wood Therapy | Facials | Skin Tightening | Fat Reduction


Dr. Michelle C. Powell, D.O

Dr. Michelle C. Powell is a Board-Certified Family Physician with over 25 years of healthcare and wellness experience. She has a master’s degree in Public Health and has completed a Fellowship in Health Policy. She is a Breast Cancer survivor, author, speaker, and educator. She is the founder and CEO of Powell Health Solutions, a total wellness center designed to take “your health from average to excellent”. Her personal mission in life is to make health and wellness practical and applicable.


Having been a healthcare provider for over 25 years, she knows that true wellness and healing of the mind and body cannot be achieved by focusing on the disease or condition but must incorporate all available modalities of healing including nutrition, therapy, meditation, exercise, and the unification of the entire system. To that end, Dr. Michelle C. Powell is a “Health Designer” creating for you, a customized health and wellness plan that will take your health “Beyond Basic to Outstanding!”.


IV therapy | Anti-aging | Medical Weight Loss | Botox | Fillers | Hair Loss | Skin & Nails | Hormone Therapy | Trigger Point Injections

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